The Smart Hustler Gameplan

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  • Author: Ebuka J. Anichebe
  • Level: Basic
  • Modules: 23
A guide on developing the psyche of street-smarts and market intelligence for service based professionals. It is designed to help entrepreneurs grow and maximize their business for profits.

This course comes with a Certificate of Completion signed by the DG-SMEDAN, which can form part of your Business Documentation that can create more opportunities for your business. The Certificate can also be shared on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter directly from your dashboard.   

This course provides a comprehensive roadmap on the entrepreneurial journey. From listening to the engaging stories mentioned in this course, you'll realize that there are strategies and mindsets employed by the street-savvy that you can adopt to grow your brand or service. With each lesson, you get immersed into the facets of business, and you will see that your ability to plan, to keep your customers, and your team all contribute to helping you grow and maximize your business for profit.
At the end of this course, you will have gained the following:
  • Customer retention strategies
  • Multiple streams of income
  • Get a Certificate of Completion signed by the DG-SMEDAN
  • Gain useful tips and lessons about making money in general 
  • Become a member of the SME Digital Community
Meet the instructor

Ebuka J. Anichebe

Ebuka J. Anichebe is the Managing Director of Jean-Paul and Associates Consultancy – a consultancy firm, who has a passion for teaching and human capital development. He is also a published author and a successful business coach.
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