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Setting Financial Priorities

Business owners are required to secure themselves and their assets in case of rainy days. Investing money in lucrative businesses is one area you, as a business owner, could look into in order to ensure business growth. To invest it is essential to save a part of our earnings. To be able to save money, you must be able to set priorities right, these priorities would be based on what we classify as needs and those we classify as wants. Making payments requires sending money, in order words to achieve one effectively, all must be understood. This course is designed to ensure that all interconnected elements are understood properly to ensure long term business growth.

Course Endorsement

This course is developed and endorsed by the Central Bank of Nigeria in Collaboration with the Financial Literacy Working Group and the German Development Cooperation (GIZ)
  Key Lessons From This Course  

There are so many hinderances that can weigh us down as an individual, business owners and entrepreneurs. Learners will gain a fresh perspective on;

  • Understand the concept of saving and the benefits of good saving habits in ensuring future business and individual success.
  • How to determine your needs and separate them from your wants so as to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • How to invest in lucrative businesses and avoid getting scammed.

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