Goal Achieving Mastery

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  • Author: Othman Abdulrasheed
  • Level: Basic
  • Modules: 6
Course overview
Do you always find yourself setting goals and never being able to achieve them? Take this course to learn about the intellectual faculties, lawful processes, and 3 authorities that will enable you to properly set your goals and achieve them.

This course comes with a Certificate of Completion signed by the DG-SMEDAN, which can form part of your Business Documentation that can create more opportunities for your business. The Certificate can also be shared on Linkedin or Facebook or Twitter directly from your dashboard.   
This course is a proven process for developing a powerful new mindset to finally achieve your financial, personal and professional goals.Understand the ways in which you can avoid the mistakes people make when setting and trying to achieve their goals. While contrary to what you may think the law of attraction and vision boards don't work and what to do instead of that and also use the right intellectual facilities in order to set goals.
At the end of this course, you will have gained the following:
  • The basic knowledge of goal setting
  • Develop your professional skills
  • Basic knowledge of the law governing goal achieving
  • Get a Certificate of Completion signed by the DG-SMEDAN
  • Gain useful tips and lessons about making money in general 
  • Become a member of the SME Digital Community
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Meet the instructor

Othman Abdulrasheed

A certified leadership consultant, Business Coach, Salesman, Author, Speaker and athlete. Result Oriented professional offering over 10 years experience in the downstream oil and gas industry. Passionate about helping managers, CEO and executives gain more income, increase their influence, lead their teams to be more efficient and attain self-mastery so they can take back control of their life. He has worked with a diverse set of executives; from managers in Central Bank, Managers in highly competitive business landscape, his passion is not only limited to coaching executives but also he has a passion for Martial Arts, Running and Polo    
Patrick Jones - Course author